inspiring effective collaboration


Collective Impact WA was established in 2013 in recognition of a growing curiosity about Collective Impact in Western Australia. Through their respective community and work roles, Tania Hudson and Sonia Nolan regularly encountered opportunities to encourage social innovation and new thinking.

The Collective Impact framework provided much of the discipline, structure and answers for the challenges being faced in Western Australia. When Tania and Sonia started sharing the information, curiosity grew and forming Collective Impact WA was a natural step to inspire these enthusiastic change makers.

Collective Impact WA is therefore a collaboration of passion for social change, complementary skills and talents, and positive energy between these long-time friends and colleagues.

Importantly, Collective Impact WA is affiliated with The Centre for Social Impact (UWA), which sparked the initial discussion challenging cross-sector organisations to adopt the framework and reap the results of positive social change.

The Centre for Social Impact (UWA) provides academic rigour to the work of Collective Impact WA and together they are forging a path to encourage more curiosity and conversations for Collective Impact.